Whatever Happened To The Sixties


Whatever Happened
To The Sixties

Mr, Divine
The Everlasting Gorgonzola
When Every Song Is An Old Song
Intelligence Service
Whatever Happened To The Seventies
Rock Hilda Aus Hamburg (Hamburg a'gogo)
Whatever Happened To The Sixties

Om albummet




Listen to the radio then you'll get my soul
it's made of pressed vinyl, the name is rock and roll
I produce old happiness and serve you used romance
I change your common sense into a dance

I started singing songs about hope and revolution
then they took my blue eyes and gave me lucrative illusions
I went on the glitter way with stardust in my name
Now iron cross and leather make my fame

I'm still the only one to organize your dream
I'll make your nightmare sweet with candy and with cream
Whether you are right or wrong or left or even green
I'll get you with my entertain-machine.


Mr. Divine

Hello there I'm Mr. Beyond
I touch the sky, almost reach the sun
I'm beyond you you're not beyond
Your spirit sleeps while mine's on the run
I left my body two years ago
but it's still doing things very mean and low
I used to love all the world (including a girl)
Now my name is based on beans, holy and clean

Hello there I'm Mr. Divine
close your eyes and let me pacify your mind
The world is sick and the system is to blame
I'll help it through with my inner mounting flame
Though the situation here is still the same
no mortal matter touches his eternal name
Buy yourself a mantra it's cheap to run
Relax and relax in your own private sun

Hello there you know my smiling face
My message is: Run your own race
I used to dance and sing all night long
now I make it with a simple "sat song"
I study my Krishna I give all my time away
we guru gurus have fathers to pay
The sixties 've gone and it's time to obey
now the solution is work and pray.




The Everlasting Gorgonzoia

Standing alone on the German highway
feeling deutsch and blue
the rain is raining some stars are staring
on the autobahn zoo
The drive-in grills are selling Bratwurst and Cola
I'm standing here - I'm the last gorgonzola
No place for dreams on this road

I was here when the sixties were rolling
I was fast and free
Now it's only the "progress" that's rumbling
and it's rumbling past me
The Schnellimbiss is selling new life in cans
I'm standing here with a cheese in my hand
No place for doubt on this road

Standing alone on an aimless highway
then, who would take another try
Standing alone beside the roaring progress
then, who could dare another why

Waiting alone with my thumb in the air
- the direction is clear
but there's no Mercedes running my way
- their destination is near
The service station's filling dope in the tank
I place my doubt behind in the rank
No place for a map on this road.




When Every Song is An Old Song

I'm left from the golden time
I've got the needle on my mind

When they suddenly closed the dream
I was turned on the dope machine
While all you middleclass punks
were leaving the sinking boat
You became straight and cool
and went back to your school
For you drugs were a game
they never shook your safety frame

:/ When every song is an old song
When every rope is just too long
When every eye is a blind eye
When every hope is an old try /:

Walking through the night
I hear a new day grow
I notice: the day is grey
I knew it anyway
I dope it a little blue
that's all I can do

:/ When every song... /:

Now you understand
an wash your hands
why - should I
take your care it's already worn
You say: Please let's change
or rearrange
why - should I
fight your fight it's already lost
Who's been raped
and who escaped
who - did fall
go ask Alice when she's ten feet tall.



Intelligence Service

I know all about the system
and how to change it too
but I know nothing about myself
and the relation between me and you

I talk about the working class
I study my book
though I never really met some
I know how they act and look

I've settled with the sixties
now I'm serious and hard
some say I'm re-established
and back where it all did start.



I'm the one who let your dreams come through
I make the crisis and the money too
The Guru that's me
The musik that's me
The things that you do I know before you
I'm standing behind - directing your mind

I planned the fight back in 68
Then love was sold out - now I deal in fate
The meaning, that's me
The future, that's me
I'm always involved when changes are solved
You all know my cue - it's try something new.



Rock Hilda Aus Hamburg
(Hamburg a'GoGo)

The City opens up the iron gates at six o'clock
I get in and I get through
I get lost and I get out again
'cause there's still very much to do
and there's only a little you can do about it
There's so many places you can go:
Hamburg a'GoGo

The night is filled with angry young men who missed the bus
I walk home masturbating blue illusions, alcoholding hands
'cause there's still very much to do
and only a little you can do about it
There's so many places you can go:
Hamburg a'GoGo.



Whatever Happened To The Sixties

In a way it's sad that they closed the doors
and changed the Stones into smoking bones
what happened to you saving Grace
you left us all alone, when you took the starship
and sleeping Wolf, where are you now
don't you care about your sons and daughters?
We know: they've still got the guns
but tell me once, who has got the numbers?

Who paid the bill, who saved the rents
take a look before you break the bank (and blow your mind)
now the neon's burning bright
and the dream stands in another light
Whatever happened to your visions?
- close the trap and take another try
The chiefs are here, the bulls are here,
religion's living mighty fine
they lullaby they lullaby my mind.



Whatever Happened To The Sixties

georg olesen (bas), sven gaul (trommer), hans erik lerchenfeld (sang, guitar), steffen brandt (sang, tangentinstrumenter)

produceret af finn olafsson lydteknik: ole lauritsen

optaget i feedback-studiet, 8260 viby j. (nov. 76-febr. 77)




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